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Thermoplastic Polyurethane TPU Shoe Sole
Introduction of the thermoplastic polyurethane TPU shoe sole

This range of TPU products includes polyester and polyether types. It is made based on requirements for material hardness, physical properties, anti-UV characteristics and the forming time requirements. This product has found a wide application in the shoe industry.


1. Lightweight and elastic product with a lower friction coefficient.
2. Excellent resistance to abrasion and scratches
3. Outstanding low-temperature flexibility
4. Perfect surface finish
5. Great resistance to chemicals and oils
6. Easy processability and stable quality
7. Superior bonding strength
8. Free of halogen and phthalates, thus causing no damage to the skin

  • Ski boots
  • Air cushion
  • Shoe decorations
  • Soccer shoe outsoles
  • Casual shoes and fashion footwear
  • Safety shoes

Huafon's TPU materials can be also applied in the production of outsoles, midsoles, insoles, upper, top caps, heels, air cushions, logo and footwear and more.

Here are our TPU materials which can be used in this field