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Thermoplastic Polyurethane TPU Material in Textile
Introduction of the thermoplastic polyurethane TPU material in textiles

This TPU product exhibits a strong resistance to both abrasions and scratches. It has excellent mechanical properties, as well as oil-resistant and solvent-resistant properties. Typical applications include textiles, with its properties being prevalent both directly and indirectly when used on fabric.


1. Strong resistance to abrasions and scratches
2. Resistant to chemicals and oil
3. Excellent bonding strength
4. Applicable to all kinds of substrates
5. Outstanding low-temperature flexibility
6. A variety of specifications to choose from
7. Excellent weatherproof, anti-yellowing and anti-hydrolysis properties

  • Inflatable raft / Air bed
  • Collapsible water bag / oil bag (polyether)
  • Life Jacket / Life preservers
  • Hot air balloon
  • Protective clothing

In addition, Huafon's TPU materials can be used in the manufacturing of elastic tapes, straps and headbands.

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