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TPU Material Wire and Cable Sleeving
Introduction of the TPU material wire and cable sleeving

The Huafon family of polyether TPU and polyester TPU products can offer a guarantee on weatherability and hydrolysis resistance for a wide usage in the wire and cable industry. They can provide long-term protection even in harsh environments or outdoors.


1. High-level safety: impervious to hydrolysis, flame, plus high and low temperatures
2. High efficiency: favorable price to performance ratio, and easy to process
3. Outstanding performance: high strength and strong resistance to oil, scratches and chemicals
4. Good durability: superior high and low temperature flexibility and excellent fatigue resistance

  • Consumer electronics cables
  • Car cables
  • Power cables
  • Industrial cables
  • Underground cable
  • Medical device cable
Here are our TPU materials which can be used in this field