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About Huafon Group

Huafon Group is the largest producer of polyurethane shoe leather resin and the third largest producer of spandex fiber in the world. Huafon Group is also the largest producer of polyurethane leather resin and polyurethane microfiber leather in China, as well as the largest producer of fluorine-free polyurethane foam in Asia. In addition, Huafon Group is a domestic leader in the manufacturing of thermoplastic polyurethane, nylon 66 and adipic acid. Huafon Group is also China’s most productive aluminum heat transfer composite manufacturer.

Shown here is the interior view of Huafon Group. Our newly built office building will become our main working area in the future.

This view is overlooking Huafon’s entire manufacturing plant. This state of the art production base is where we manufacture more than 320 varieties and 1,000 specifications of a plethora of products, including PU resins, spandex, microfiber leather, nylon 66, thermoplastic materials, aluminum heat transfer composites and more.

  • Our general office
  • Our general office

In this brand-new building we built an exhibition hall in order to display our developing history and our array of products. We have also put a number of different honors awarded to us on display in this showroom. In addition, customers can interact with samples in the exhibition hall, assisting them in gaining the comprehensive knowledge they need to better choose the right products for their needs.

About Huafon TPU

Zhejiang Huafon Thermoplastic Polyurethane Co., Ltd., is the wholly-owned affiliated company to Huafon Group, and was founded in August of 2008 with a registered capital of 30 million RMB. We specialize in the production, sales and technology exploration of thermoplastic polyurethane. So far, we have been certified to ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 and OHSAS18001:2007 standards. We are dedicated to a successful future here at Huafon, symbolized by the tree shown here, which was planted by the chairman of the board when our corporation was established, and has seen more than two decades.

Manufacturing Complex

We currently operate two manufacturing plants, covering a total area of 80,000 square meters. Our production capacity continues to annually expand, currently reaching up to 100,000 tons.

  • TPU raw material storage tank area
  • TPU raw material storage tank area
  • TPU raw material storage tank area
Testing center
  • German OSC crystal point detector
  • Anti-yellowing test chamber
  • American QUV accelerated ageing test chamber

What you see here is our testing center. We have a complete range of test facilities, including the American QUV accelerated aging test chamber, German OCS crystal point detector, anti-yellowing test chamber, and more. With these facilities, we can implement a strict quality management system, which guarantees that all of Huafon’s TPU products are of the highest possible quality.

  • We use a German OCS crystal point detector to ensure the crystal point is qualified after zipper pulls.

  • Measuring the elongation of the test specimen

The test chamber is used to perform an anti-yellowing test on a sample.


The warehouse can accommodate 10,000 tons of finished products. It uses a highly efficient conveyor to transfer materials. Our warehouse stores an abundance of finished products.

Logistics and Transportation

As shown in this picture, our staff is handling cargo. Based on a stable output and ample inventory, we can deliver all required TPU products in a highly efficient manner, ensuring customers receive their orders in the shortest possible time.

Huafon products deserve your trust. Trust Huafon Group as your most reliable partner!